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My name is Claes Lind and I’m a motion and graphic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ever since I got my first video camera when I was 13 years old I’ve loved shooting, editing and animating my own movies. It started off as a hobby, making every new obstacle a challange I wanted to overcome. I truly believe that there is no greater way to learn than to put your knowledge to test, forcing yourself to come up with new and creative ways of solving a problem. This is why I’ve got a genuine passion for every project I’m a part of, and always want to challange myself with new ideas and techniques to do what I love the most; making things move and come to life.

During my time as a motion and graphic designer I’ve had the opportunity to work with several high-end brands, nationally as well as world-wide. Some for breif individual projects or campaigns, others for long-term companionship spanding over years.

Wheather your business seeks professional consultation for a single project, or looking for a future partner that understands your business’ needs of a strong graphical display, I find no challanges too steep or difficult to take on.

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d.o.p, editing, post & sound design


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motion & graphic designer
stockholm, sweden

email: contact@claeslind.com

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